Experience the crystal clear waters and powder-white sand of the island like never before with Boracay Regency. With its striking Mediterranean-inspired architecture, landscaped gardens and expansive beach front, this is a resort that stands unparalleled in beauty and service in the entire island.

Located in Boracay, Aklan

Boracay Regency allows you to relax and luxuriate within its 285 world-class rooms with service that promises an unparalleled experience.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea from one of our beautifully designed rooms that evoke elegance and comfort at the same time. Wine and dine in our restaurants that are sure to satisfy your palate. Or take a swim in the sparkling waters of our magnificently-designed swimming pools. These are just a few of the things waiting to help you ease into a state of peace and luxury on Boracay.

So come and experience world-class rooms and service of Boracay Regency that promise you an experience like no other.


Beach Front

With the longest beach front on the entire island, guests may assure that they will never run out of prime beach space when staying at Boracay Regency.

Our beachfront features lounge chairs and umbrellas for your convenience while you tan under the sun or swim in the sea. Should you crave for something to satisfy your palate or quench your thirst, while relaxing at the beach, our attentive and waiting to serve you. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sun while you sip a drink at the longest and loveliest stretch of beach in the island, only at Boracay Regency.

Gym & Wellness Center

For the fitness buffs that cant let a day pass without exercise, the Gym and Wellness Center at Boracay Regency is here to accommodate you. With a variety of equipment ranging from free weights to treadmills, the Wellness Center is ready and waiting for you.

Business Center

For those who can never quite get away from work, the Business Center is here to provide you with the means to mix work and play. With photocopying and fax machines, personal computers with internet access, designed for your convenience; it’s never too hard to get some work done. Even in the comfort and seclusion of Boracay.

Swimming Pool

Boracay Regency features three crystal clear swimming pools strategically located beside each wing within the resort. All our pools are meticulously maintained to ensure that you swim in nothing but the cleanest most pristine waters, not in the sea. For those who want to get their feet wet without the sand, we’ve made our pools just right for you.
The new Garden Wing, in particular, boasts of our largest pool to date. This Zen-styled pool has a central Jacuzzi and a floating bar to give you all the luxury one can expect from Boracay islands’s first Triple-A rated beachfront resort.

Kai, Regency Spa

Journey through the Asian inspired spa suites and experience the beauty of life, its grace and offerings. Seek the sensory experiences that will bring you warmth and light, each of which will give you a different feeling of holistic health and wellness.

Massages (Imperial Suites)

VIP Massages at the Imperial Suites (Private Rooms):
Journey through depth and beauty. Surround yourself with transforming words and experience sacred rituals which slow down time and takes you to your well-needed break.

Kai Signature Massage (90 min)
A massage offering perfect for those who engage in life’s more active pursuits. Slow, deep and firm pressure strokes, trigger point work and joint mobilization techniques are used to release tight areas while hot oil and thermal pad application increases local circulation boosting release of toxins.

Four Hand Harmony Massage (75min)
This massage uses Lomi lomi techniques with two therapists simultaneously working on your body mimicking each other’s movements and pressure for a balanced experience.

Healing Hot Stone Massage (75 min)
Slow rhythmic massage movements using heated basalt stones elicit physical and mental relaxation as well as spiritual connection to earth energy. The placement stones rebalance energy while working stones release tension bringing you to a state of calm and quietude of mind and body.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (90 min)
The “loving hands“ massage is given in a fluid, rhythmic, dance-like movements using the forearms and hands to elicit a highly relaxed state and nurtured experience.

Filipino Hagud (75 min)
This is Kai’s version for the traditional Filipino massage, Hilot. Intuitive touch techniques are employed to check and correct internal imbalances and the use of Virgin Coconut Oil, reputed for its healing properties and strategically placed banana leaf-wrapped thermal pads, intensify the all-natural therapeutic approach.

Aromalymphtherapy (90 min)
The light pressure and gentle rocking techniques used for this massage help stimulate the movement of lymph to rebalance the circulation. The use of aromatic essential oils works on the limbic system in releasing good hormones further boosting the immune system.

Wellbeing Swedish Massage (60 min)
A traditional Swedish massage fused with Asian techniques to stimulate blood circulation and soothe tensed muscles. Designed mainly for relaxation, the techniques are long, flowing and delivered mostly with medium pressure.

Facial Treatments

This Verandah is a peaceful enclave to pamper your features that might have been dried out from the saltwater and sea air. The treatments are designed to moisturize and bring back a healthy glow to your skin.

Kai Diamond Peel Treatment (90 min)
A microdermabrasion technique which gives gentle yet effective mechanical peeling of the skin. The diamond-tipped wand slough off dead cells fast and painfree with minimal or no redness at all. This specialty treatment polishes, reduce fine lines, improves skin texture and resurfaces the skin to smooth perfection.

Kai Purifying Facial (60 min)
This facial treatment provides deep cleansing to purify problem skin type by eliminating surface bacteria and preventing future breakouts. Anti-inflammatory ingredients counteract and soothe skin irritation.Perfect for oily and acne prone skin.

The Gentleman’s Facial (60 min)
Skin is deep cleansed and gently exfoliated then treated with bio-active ingredients to hydrate and stimulate repair for smoother, younger looking skin. Ideal for sun- exposed and mature/dry skin.

Green Tea Soothing Facial (60 min)
The anti-oxidant properties of green tea and fruity acids are ideal for normal to combination skin. The ingredients are gentle and effective in maintaining the ph balance of normal and sensitive skin.

Whitening Vitamin C Facial (60min)
This facial will keep your skin firm and glowing. Vitamin C, a known anti-oxidant and skin-lightening agent is paired with Vitamin-E and Collagen to make the skin fair and youthful.

Hand And Foot Care At The Dynasty Hall

Treat your hands and feet to tender loving care after a long day on the beach. These treatments will soothe your tired extremities and bring back strength and vigor to the most used parts of your body.

Kai Ultimate Foot Care (90min)
This is the ultimate pampering experience for the feet after extensive beach combing. It includes the Kai Essential Foot regimen with additional application of paraffin wax to seal in moisture, nutrients and improved circulation.

Kai Essential Foot Care (60 min)
Exposure to the elements may result to dryness and worn-looking feet. Give them the attention that they deserve with a leg-foot routine of exfoliation and hydration to reveal relaxed, silky-soft legs and well-kept looking nails.

Kai Foot Reflexology (60 min)
Foot Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese therapy of manipulating specific points corresponding to other body parts to unblock energy channels thus restoring balance from within.

Kai Ultimate Hand Care (90 min)
Render your hands smooth and rejuvenated with this intensive hand care treatment. After the Essential Hand regimen, Thermal treatment is added which heals and hydrates the whole extremity.

Kai Essential Hand Care (60 min)
Hand Care routine that includes forearm-hand scrubbing, conditioning mask and nail cleaning. The add on back Vitality Line pressing, head and leg massage equates to pure bliss.

Nail Polish Application (supplement charge)

Scrubs & Wraps

A tropical oasis complete with cascading waterfall, greenery and a pool of bliss where life’s excesses are washed away.

Purely Scrubs | Body Wraps with Scrubs

A fine selection of exfoliating treatments that leaves your skin hydrated, satiny soft and scentsational.

Fruit Sensation Body Scrubs (60 min)
Choose from the four fruity scents that come with matching moisturizing body cream and emerge with skin refreshed and spirit revived.
– Blueberry Scrub
– Green Apple Scrub
– Peach Scrub
– Raspberry Scrub

Choco Lovers Moisturizing Gommage (60 min)
Indulge! Awaken your senses to Cocoa sweetness or Coffee beat while benefiting from their antioxidant, blood flow regulation and skin softening properties.

Herbal Cream Polish (60 min)
Rich in aloe and oatmeal, creamy skin polisher, with natural exfoliating granules and healing herbs for sensitive and sun-stressed skin.
– Lavender
– Green Tea

Kai Rituals (Kai Romantic Rituals at the Suite Haven)

Enjoy these intimate treatment packages in the company of someone special. All treatments include a bathing ritual by candlelight to heighten awareness and emotional connection

Romantic Paradise (4 Hours)
– Candlelight Rose Petal Milk Bath for two (30 min)
– Aroma Stone Massage for him & her (90 min)
– Choco Lovers Souffle Gommage for him & her (60 min)
– Purifying Facial for him & her (60 min)

Ulayaw Package (4 Hours)
– Candlelit Floral Milk Bath for two (30 min)
– Volcanic Mud Wrap for him & her (90min)
– Filipino Hagud Massage for him & her (75 min)

Secrets of Wellness (3 Hours)
– Candlelit Lemon Grass Bath for two (30 min)
– Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage for him & her (90 min)
– Rice and Oat Cream Polish for him & her (60 min)

Love Two Spa (2 Hours)
– Candlelit Relaxing Lavender Bath for him & her (30min)
– Aromalymphtherapy for him & her (90 min)

Tender Romance (1 1/2 Hours)
– Candlelit Relaxing Lavender Bath for him & her (30min)
– Wellbeing Swedish Massage for him & her (45 min)

Kai Rituals (Kai Soothing Rituals)

Ultimate indulgence on excellent value for your ‘me’ time or with a companion. Treatment combinations are designed to refresh, renew and revitalize the body and soul.

Tranquility (4 hours) Single Php 7,560 Twin
– Kai Signature Massage (90 min)
– Green Tea Soothing Facial (60 min)
– Volcanic Mud Wrap with Scrub (90 min)

Bliss (3 ½ hours) Single Php 7,020 Twin
– Choice from the Purely Scrubs Selection (60 min)
– Four Hand Harmony Massage (75 min)
– Whitening Vitamin C Facial (60 min)

Harmony (2 hours) Single Php 3,564 Twin
– Wellbeing Swedish Massage (60 min)
– Kai Purifying Facial (60 min)

Nature (2 hours) Single Php 3,024 Twin
– Wellbeing Swedish Massage (60 min)
– Kai Foot Reflexology (60 min)


Sea Breeze Cafe

Dine by the beach while your palate samples Boracay’s biggest and most extensive buffet. At Sea Breeze Cafe you can enjoy the widest variety of delicious international cuisine, while you sit and relax with a stunning view of the ocean. This is the perfect way to relax and have a meal that is simply unforgettable.

Zhu Asian Cuisine

Immersed in a unique Asian interior, savor the best of modern Asia with a variety of dishes that draw inspiration from countries all over the continent.


Experience fine-dining at its best in a mellow and warm setting at Christina’s. Wine and dine beside the romantic Boracay beach with our fine selection of Prime cuts of beef, and fresh seafood that stem from a delectable menu of Italian and Filipino cuisine.

Regency Food Plaza

Asian cuisine at its finest is brought to you at the Regency Food Plaza. This open-air dining plaza features a choice of Chinese, Japanese or Korean cuisine, allowing a wide variety of options available to guests.

Gazebo Grill

Enjoy al fresco dining by the sea at the Gazebo Grill with a wide array of char-grilled choices ranging from the freshest seafood tender meats and poultry.

Garden Pool Bar

This sunken bar located at the Garden Wing Pool Area provides a restful and relaxing place to sip some drinks and be in the pool at the same time. With a wide selection of drinks as well as dishes, this bar can also serve guests at poolside, allowing for an ideal location to soak up the sun and while away some time while relaxing by the sparkling waters of the resort.


Main and North Wing

The Main and North Wings which are located right at the beachfront boast rooms perfectly illustrate why Boracay Regency is the first Triple-A rated resort on the beachfront of the island. These spacious and well-appointed rooms all feature blissfully comfortable beds, stately bathrooms and all the modern conveniences that will help ensure your stay is one that speaks of nothing but comfort and luxury.

The Main and North Wing both proudly offer the finest accommodations this island-paradise can offer.

Standard amenities include:
– Air-conditioning
– Cable television
– Pillow top mattresses
– 300-tread count duvet
– In-room electronic safe
– Electronic room key
– Telephone
– Alarm clock
– High-speed internet access
– Mini-bar with refrigerator
– Complimentary bottled water
– Coffee and tea making facility with complimentary coffee and tea

Standard bathroom amenities:
– Hot and cold shower
– Towels (bath)
– Boracay Regency toiletries
– Secondary phone

East Wing

The East Wing elevates Boracay Regency’s pursuit of elegance and luxury to a whole new level. Built for seclusion and privacy, the East Wing promises a comfortable experience apart from the crowd, without sacrificing the convenience of being within close proximity to the beach.

With 90 first-class rooms, each elegantly decorated to transport you into a new plane of luxury, the East Wing ushers in a new meaning to opulent living. Each room imparts a sense of calm and relaxation to guests that is truly beyond compare.

Standard amenities include:
– Garden and pool view
– Air-conditioning
– Cable television
– Pillow top mattresses
– 300-tread count duvet
– In-room electronic safe
– Electronic room key
– Telephone
– Alarm clock
– High-speed internet access
– Mini-bar with refrigerator
– Complimentary bottled water
– Coffee and tea making facility with complimentary coffee and tea

Standard bathroom amenities:
– Hot and cold shower
– Towels (bath)
– Boracay Regency toiletries
– Secondary phone


Meetings and Events

Boracay Regency Beach Resort is the ideal venue for all occasions, from full-scale conferences to intimate meetings. Our Convention Center is the biggest in the island, able to accommodate over 1000 people. The three-storey center features a Ballroom which can be divided into separate rooms, the Golden Pavilion, and 3 additional meeting rooms. Each meeting rooms are fully air-conditioned and features the latest equipment and facilities, while private outdoor areas are available for gatherings beneath the stars. Our professional events management personnel are also available to assists you.

Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Manila Sales Office

  • Boracay Regency Corporate Center
    1212 A, Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila
  • (02) 5238707
  • (02) 5238708
  • (02) 5232899
  • (02) 5284706
  • (02) 5284995
  • (02) 5239790


  • Local Information

    Boracay is a tropical island located approximately 315km (200 miles) south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Famous for its powdery white sand and crystal waters, it is a popular tourist destination especially during the summer and December holidays.

    Weather along the island is mostly sunny from March until early June with temperatures ranging from 82-100°F (28-38°C). Rains and typhoons can begin from July lasting until early September. During storms temperature can drop to 68°F (20°C).

    Filipino and English is widely spoken and understood. Apart from this the local dialect of Aklanon is also spoken.

    Travel to the resort is done via airplane to either Kalibo or Caticlan. Flight time is about 45 mins (from Manila). From Kalibo, a 90-minute road trip needs to be taken which will take you to the shores of Caticlan. Once there, a 15 minute ride on the resort's private boat takes you to the rear of the island, where you will be picked up in a private car to take you to Boracay Regency.