There are two resorts under El Nido Resorts:

Lagen Island Resort is set in a cove, fringed by a thick primary forest, and Miniloc Island Resort is also set in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs.

Located in El Nido, Palawan

Lagen Island Resort is set in a cove, fringed by a thick primary forest. The sprawling grounds cover more than four hectares. Lagen Island is a showcase of El Nido’s flora and fauna, where trees provide various niches for a diverse variety of birds and mammals, providing a wealth of opportunities and experiences for wildlife observation and sightings. At the back of the resort is a trail that passes through a forest and ends in a private cove. The Lagen trail is one of the best sites for birdwatching, more rewarding during the early morning or towards late afternoon. Lagen Island hosts a high diversity of birds including almost all of the species endemic to Palawan.

Miniloc Island Resort is also set in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs. Reminiscent of a coastal village, Miniloc’s quaint charm is enhanced by its crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fishes. You need not go far to sample Miniloc Island’s interesting facets. The waters fronting the resort are rich in marine life. At the end of the pier, guests can snorkel alongside 3-foot long groupers and hundreds of sergeant majors, damsel fish, fusiliers, and other multi-colored tropical fishes.


Kayaking & Hiking

Paddle your way to nature’s wonders at your leisure. Use of special sea kayaks, and regular kayaks are available at the Marine Sports Center.

Take an invigorating walk amongst the giant trees and lush rainforest where you might see a monkey, Palawan Hornbill and other wondrous flora and fauna, and end up at a beautiful cove on the west coast of the island. You may also choose a 15-minute kayak ride back to the resort. A great aerobic workout!

Lagoon Tours

“Truly Spectacular” describes the natural wonder that awaits those who kayak into the Small Lagoon. Spend time with a loved one or a new friend while enjoying your private adventure, surrounded by the towering limestone cliffs of El Nido.

Complete your holiday in El Nido with a visit to the Big Lagoon at Miniloc Island. After kayaking from the resort, or being brought by banca boat, explore one of nature’s wonders at your leisure. The more adventurous can even do some rock jumping!


Take the plunge! Guests are encouraged to snorkel from Miniloc’s pier where hundreds of coral fish and giant Jackfish swim around our house reef. You can be adventurous and explore them on your own, or be accompanied by our Marine Sports Guides. A complete line of snorkeling equipment may be used for free on a first come first serve basis

Island Hopping

Explore Cudugnon Cave. Cudugnon Cave is one of El Nido’s stunning geological formations which archaeologists believe was used as a burial site during Neolithic times. This ancient cave was formed by million years of weathering action that hollowed out large portions of the emergent limestone layers.

Blessed by nature! El Nido has many unique features, including Vigan Island, also known as Snake Island, because of its winding white snake’s tail of sand. Island Hopping includes a visit to Snake Island as well as other interesting sites.


Bask in the sun for as long as you want privately! Choose from over 100 private beach locations readily accessible from both resorts. Enjoy the privacy and the environment and return to the resorts at your leisure.

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