It started with a wish, evolved into an idea and finally became reality. My wife, a Filipina, and me, a born-and-bred Swiss, were living in a beautiful house in Switzerland.

Located in Alcoy, Cebu

We were nearly perfectly happy, but there was still something we were worried about. It was the cold season, the winter half year. It was just too cold for my wife and I was also longing for more sunshine. We decided to build a house on Cebu Island and spend the winter half year there.

We planned generously right from the beginning, because we knew, that other people were in the same situation as us. In the second winter, we already rented the first cottage out. The high demand showed us, that we were on the right track. We therefore immediately decided to expand intensely. Today 14 beds are available for our guests.

The next cold winter will be here soon. Spend it, or part of it, with us in our paradise. We found one of the most beautiful places on earth in the Philippines. Our big house is standing right next to the sea on Cebu Island, far away from the hectic life and stress in a volcanic landscape, which is still largely in its natural state. We built seven guest houses next to our house that allow you to also enjoy this idyll.

Here you are far away from hectic life and everyday noise, but still close enough to the big city with its airport, shopping centers and any kind of medical care. The sea here is clean and clear and also perfectly adequate for non-swimmers. Enjoy the day, from a wonderful sunrise to the sunset and be delighted by the pleasantly warm nights and the clear starry sky.

Together with our staff, we organize transfers and trips for you to make your stay nice and pleasant.

Philippines Contact Info

  • Lower Poblacion Alcoy
    RP 6023 Cebu
  • 0063 (0)908 872 5132
  • 0063 (0)32 483 96 74

Switzerland Contact Info

  • Lindenstrasse 18
    CH 8500 Frauenfeld
  • 0041 (0) 71 96005 88
  • 0041 (0)79 600 56 44